Former DNC Chair Blames Media For Hillary’s Email Scandal

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, believes the blame for Hillary Clinton’s current woes does not lie with the candidate or her actions actions, but with the media.

Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday afternoon, Dean called questions around the classified information on Clinton’s secret private server and whether or not she may have broken the law “kabuki.”

“When the media wants to humble you, they do,” he said. “And she was humbled and she did the right thing. But this is not about the email server. There’s no ‘there’ there. This is about whether Hillary Clinton is going to show herself to the public as someone who’s willing to be humble in front of them, and that was the whole gig and the media of course would like to put themselves in the kingmaker position, which they have done. I think there’s nothing to this. I never have thought that.”

When asked if Clinton is being harmed by the scandal, as reflected in polls showing voters do not see her as honest or trustworthy, Dean agreed “the emails are a factor.” He then blamed the media again, saying, “This is what the press does. There was no merit to it.”

“I think people do know Hillary Clinton,” Dean said. “One thing they know about her is she’s ready to be President of the United States, which they can’t say about anybody else who’s running in this race on either side. That, I think, is gonna actually make her President of the United States, at the end of the day.”

Asked about the trouble of her trustworthiness and whether that is harming her campaign, “I think she is trustworthy, I think she’s tough as nails,” Dean declared. “I think people want a tough person that can handle the job. There’s only one person who fits this description on either side of the aisle in this race.”