Sanders Believes Trump Is A ‘Flamboyant’ Racist [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Bernie Sanders blasted Donald Trump Thursday, calling him “very flamboyant” and a promoter of “racism.”

Sanders appearing on CNN’s “Wolf” criticized Trump for “using racism as a way to attract votes.”

Wolf Blitzer: What do you think of Donald Trump?

Bernie Sanders: Well, I think he’s obviously a very flamboyant guy, I think he is clearly doing a lot better in the Republican process than anyone thought he would. I am sad to say that in the year 2015 people like Trump are using racism as a way to attract votes. You don’t talk about Mexican Americans or people from Mexico you don’t talk about people as rapists or as criminals. That’s not what we should be talking about today. I would have hoped that we would have gone beyond that kind of racism.

Blitzer: When he says some of the people have come into the United States, the illegal immigrants from Mexico, some of them turn out to be rapists or criminals…

Sanders: Well, and so do some white people and so do some black people and so do some everybody people. But his remarks were totally objectionable and they were racist.

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