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Trump Mocks CNN Host’s Ratings During Appearance

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Donald Trump‘s phone-in to CNN’s “New Day” turned intensely personal Thursday morning as the GOP hopeful momentarily turned his wrath on host Chris Cuomo.

At one point in the interview, Trump mentioned in passing that Cuomo was doing quite well in his previous job at ABC.

But when Cuomo began pontificating on what is presidential and — more importantly — what is not, Trump took a sharp whack at him.

Cuomo said, “All I am saying is you are the frontrunner. You say you are going to be president. There is a manner of behavior that goes with that… The idea of returning a blow every time you receive one, you know that doesn’t work in every high-level situation.”

The conversation involved Trump’s bashing of presidential hopeful Ben Carson on his so-so medical skills and Carly Fiorina‘s questionable face.

Trump reiterated his stance on attacks, which is that he’s all about the counterpunch.

As Cuomo tried to school Trump on what “presidential” means, the candidate grew testy.

“Well, I’m a believer, perhaps you’re not,” he said on his philosophy of defending himself when he’s attacked. “Maybe that’s why your show isn’t doing as well as it should be.”

Cuomo tried to explain to Trump that his insult toward him was exactly what he was talking about in regards to less than presidential behavior.

But isn’t Trump’s, ahem, less than presidential behavior precisely why he’s is so popular?

“Ahh, you see, that’s not nice,” said Cuomo, sounding like a schoolboy whose feelings have been hurt on the playground when everyone didn’t share their animal cookies. Trying to interrupt the man who cannot be interrupted, he said, “That’s not nice. That’s not nice. You’re attacking me for asking you a question. That’s not what a president does.”

Miraculously, the interview ended on a warmish note with Trump thanking him and Cuomo telling him to stay well.