Marc Lamont Hill: ‘Nobody Wants Bernie Sanders To Be The President, Let’s Be Honest’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill dismissed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders saying, “Nobody wants Bernie Sanders to be the president, let’s be honest.”

Hill, appearing on “The View” Friday, argued that Sanders is only viable because of Hillary Clinton’s email sandal and “because people don’t trust her.”

Joy Behar: Let me start with you, Marc, and Hillary Clinton. What happened?

Marc Lamont Hill: She should never ‘whip’ or ‘nae nae’ again.

Behar: She was the front-runner; she was kicking butt. All of a sudden, Bernie Sanders is beating her in New Hampshire and Iowa? What happened?

Hill: Emails happened. You know, people started the email scandal, and people don’t trust her. There’s always been this story that the Clintons are sneaky, that the Clintons aren’t trustworthy. It’s not always fair, but this time it looks bad, and when stuff looks bad, they look for an alternative. Nobody wants Bernie Sanders to be the president, let’s be honest.

Behar: Why not?

Hill: I mean, a 74-year-old socialist is probably not…

Behar: Jewish also, we’ve never seen that.

Hill: I think we can elect a Jewish president; I hope we do. But, 74. And I hope we elect Bernie Sanders. I think he’s awesome. I don’t think people want him. That’s their way of saying, ‘Anybody but Hillary.’ They are really pulling for Joe.

Behar: But Ana, she’s saddled with the Socialist thing, but he’s just really an ultraliberal. He’s not a socialist.

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