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#NotAllMuslims Plot To Bomb 9/11 Remembrance In Kansas City

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Today, of all days, I’m not turning a blind eye to the problem.

Stephanie Brown, WOKV (Jacksonville, FL):

An Orange Park [FL] man has been arrested for allegedly planning to bomb a September 11th commemoration event in Missouri.

The criminal complaint obtained by WOKV says 20-year-old Joshua Goldberg sent information on how to make a bomb to a person, who was actually a confidential informant. The intent was to plant a bomb that would blow up during a September 13th event in Kansas City, Missouri honoring the 9/11 attacks. Goldberg was allegedly instructing the informant to build a pressure cooker bomb filled with nails, metal, and other items dipped in rat poison…

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force led the investigation starting after the May attack on the Muhammad art exhibit and cartoon contest in Gerland, Texas…

The lead investigator on this case says while he was researching the Garland attack, he came across Australian and UK media coverage of social media posts from prior to the event calling on an attack and posting a map of the building where it was happening. One of the gunmen in the Garland attack actually retweeted one of the messages posted through this account, according to the criminal complaint. Investigators now believe the account- which claimed to be run by a man in Australia- was actually run by 20-year-old Goldberg out of his Pine Road home in Orange Park.

Read the whole thing. This asshole “posted messages on a site commonly used by ISIS,” claiming credit for “inspiring” the Garland, Texas shooting last May. That one didn’t work out the way he would’ve preferred, and another planned attack in Melbourne was foiled, so he gave it another try. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for everybody else, he’s too stupid to avoid an FBI sting operation.

I’ve heard of self-loathing Jews, but what could possess a kid named Goldberg to want to blow up a bunch of “panicking kuffar“?

We may never know.

The 9/11 event this piece of garbage was plotting to bomb is the Kansas City Stair Climb. You can find out more about it here.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)