Would Shepard Smith Trade Places With Trump? HELL NO!

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Shepard Smith just really didn’t want to talk about Donald Trump anymore, he would much rather discuss Ole Miss Rebels football.

Chris Wallace, appearing on Fox News’ “Shepard Smith Reporting” Friday, asked Smith if he would trade places if he were Jeb Bush with Donald Trump, and Smith replied, “Hell no!”

Chris Wallace: Let me ask you a question.

Shepard Smith: Yes, sir.

Wallace: If you had to decide, if you had to decide right now, would you trade places if you were Jeb Bush, would you trade places and be Donald Trump?

Smith: Would I trade places and be Donald Trump? Hell no!

Wallace: In other words, is there anybody in the campaign who wouldn’t like to be in Donald Trump’s situation right now with 27, 30, 32 percent in the polls?

Smith: The Rebels are favored by 30 tomorrow. I’m going down to Oxford for that.

Wallace: No, I mean, you talk about somebody ducking. Look at Scott Walker, a perfect example. What was he at 18% two months ago? And now he is at 3%. You think he wouldn’t like to be in Trump’s situation with all of quote Trump’s problems. You know Trump is communicating…

Smith: We are playing Fresno State.

Wallace: Wwwhhhat?

Smith: We’re playing Fresno State.

Wallace: What did you think about Roberta Vinci beating Serena Williams and knocking her out of the Grand Slam?

Smith: I couldn’t believe it. Were you guys watching it down there in the house there? I figured, we were watching it.

Wallace: I was watching it.

Smith: Heck yeah, I couldn’t believe it. Serena just couldn’t get going.  You know, the moment was probably so big trying to win all of the Grand Slams in a calendar year. Nobody has done it since Steffi Graf. And it was just very big. You could see the emotion in her.

Wallace: You know, you know this is so great folks. So here is my little thing.  I take this bright shiny object, and Shep just follows it. Oah, forget about Donald Trump, let’s look at that object.

Smith: O gosh, here we go.  I forgot about Donald Trump months ago.

Wallace: You know what, I missed you. I have missed talking to you.

Smith: I have missed talking to you too. I missed talking to you last week when the Rebels won by an embarrassingly large score. And now we are favored, we didn’t mean to.

Wallace: May I ask you, how do you feel? What did they score 76 points? Is that your idea of sportsmanship?

Smith: We have 3 quarterbacks; we have 3 quarterbacks who have never been SEC starters. They all needed to get their reps in. They needed to run the offense. And nobody wants to win like that. You don’t want to win by that many points. But a lot of time they are running off tackle and scoring from 50-60 yards. So, I mean what are you going to do. Next week is going to be a big test because we play Alabama in Tusciwoski next week.  That’s a big one.

Wallace: Well, that’s not going to be a test. We know what is going to happen there.

Smith: We beat them last year, Chris. We beat them last year in the friendly confines of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Katy Perry was there, we hung out. You know, I know you are jealous.

Wallace: Hahaha. I’d like to meet Katy Perry.

Smith: I’m sure she will be there this year. All the cool people are coming to Oxford.

Wallace: But I thought you said we were playing in Tuscaloosa.

Smith: That’s for ‘Bama. We will play LSU at home. We’ll play Texas A&M at home, we’re playing Arkansas at home.

Wallace: Not playing Mississippi State at home?

Smith: Mississippi state got them some new tailgating going on. You should look it up.  They bringing in some FEMA trailers and they are going to be doing tailgating there at the junction, there at Mississippi State. I wish them well, I really do.

Wallace: Don’t talk on Doc Prescott’s cape. Don’t fool around with Doc Prescott.

Smith: When LSU plays Mississippi State, I just hope that for some way there could be two losses in one game. Just hope for that. That’s what we all hope for.

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