Hillary’s IT Company Says Email Server Was Not ‘Wiped’ Clean

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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The Denver-based IT company Hillary Clinton hired to manage her private email system says that the former secretary of state’s email server was never “wiped” clean, meaning that emails from the device could still be retrievable.

Andy Boian, the spokesman for the IT company, Platte River Networks, also confirmed to The Washington Post that Clinton’s emails were transferred to a second server sometime last year. The existence of a second server has been speculated but never verified. (RELATED: Report: ‘Highly Likely’ That There’s A Full Backup Of Hillary’s Email Server)

“Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped,” Boian told The Post. “All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.”

When Platte River was first identified last month, Barbara Wells, an attorney for the company, said that the server was “blank” and contained no emails. Wells hinted to Bloomberg News that a second server existed, but she did not elaborate. Boian then took over the company’s press relations.

After Clinton left the State Department in Feb. 2013, she hired Platte River to manage her server and email system. In June 2013, the company moved the hardware from Clinton’s Chappaqua, N.Y. home to a data center in New Jersey. All of Clinton’s emails existed on the first server when it was given to Platte River. After the company took control of the device, it migrated the emails to a second server. At some point in 2014, the emails were cleared off of the second server and transferred to a thumb drive in the custody of Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall.

The first server and Kendall’s thumb drives have been handed over to the FBI, which is investigating whether classified information was mishandled on the devices.

It is still unclear who has control of the second server, whether it has been “wiped,” and whether it is part of the FBI’s investigation. (RELATED: Hillary’s IT Staffer Pleads The Fifth For Fear Of ‘Anti-Clinton Frenzy’)

Clinton and her team have so far avoided providing details about her server arrangement. Clinton has said she deleted her emails after handing them over to the State Department in December. And Kendall informed the House Select Committee on Benghazi in March that Clinton’s emails did not exist in any form on her email server or on any backup devices.

When asked whether the server was “wiped” — meaning, purposely having its data deleted and overwritten  — Clinton and her campaign team have been coy.

At a press conference last month, Clinton responded to a question on whether it was wiped by saying “like with a cloth or something?” (RELATED: Hillary Refuses To Say Whether Or Not She Wiped The Server)

And in an interview earlier this month, Clinton’s campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said, when asked the same question, “I don’t know what ‘wiped’ means. Literally the emails were deleted off of the server, that’s true.” (RELATED: Clinton Press Secretary On Email Server: ‘I Don’t Know What Wiped Means’)

But the revelation that Clinton’s first email server was not “wiped” means that her emails are likely retrievable.

And if that’s the case, investigators could potentially test Clinton’s claim that she did not delete any of her work-related emails before handing them over to the State Department.

Boian did not return The Daily Caller’s request for additional information.

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