Sabato: It’s ‘Stunning’ How Hillary ‘Has Bombed As A Candidate’ [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Larry Sabato, widely respected political science professor and head of University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, is shocked at just how bad of a candidate Hillary Clinton has proven to be.

“For all of her positives and all of her experience and the rest of it,” Sabato told CNN. “It is stunning how bad of a candidate she has been.” (RELATED: Larry Sabato: Hillary ‘Acting As Though She’s Allergic To The Press,’ ‘Real People’)

Speaking of the scandal surrounding Clinton’s secret, unsecured email server and the evolution of her “apology” on the subject, the professor was dismayed at how poorly she has responded to the issue.

“To take 6 months to stop the drip, drip, drip, on the email server, and it may still not be stopped,” he said. “But to take 6 months to do what some of her senior team thought and urged her to do in the very beginning is remarkable.”

The assessment from Sabato was not all bad for Clinton, however. (RELATED: Another Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Beating Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire)

“Look, she’s got plenty of time to recover, she could easily come back and be a very strong candidate,” he added. “But I have to say, over the past 6 months, she has bombed, bombed, as a candidate.”