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Brian Williams Got A Bum Deal, Says… DAN RATHER

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Everybody’s excited about Brian Williams returning to television, at least if you ask Brian Williams. As he gets ready for his comeback tour, who better to help him rehabilitate his image than the man who almost brought down the President of the United States? Dan Rather would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling bloggers!

Jordan Charlton, The Wrap:

Dan Rather criticized NBC News for its treatment of Brian Williams during months of turmoil surrounding his exaggerations over past war reporting, saying the network “threw him under the bus.”

“When things started coming apart, he didn’t hire an expert to help him,” Rather told Roger Friedman. “He relied on [NBC’s] PR people. He trusted them. That was his mistake…”

Good point, Dan. All he needed was a PR expert to convince people that because Iraq exists, and helicopters exist, and Brian Williams exists, then the sentence “Brian Williams was in a helicopter that got shot down over Iraq” isn’t a huge lie.

Hey, Dan, have you found Lucy Ramirez yet? Who’s playing her in the movie?


Dan Rather and Brian Williams both spent their entire careers getting people to trust them, and they both convinced themselves they were bigger than the facts they were supposed to be covering. Then it all came crashing down. Now, all they have is each other.

But at least Dan has an excuse for being so stupid. Unlike Brian, he didn’t have the cautionary tale of… Dan Rather.