Refugees, Or Invaders?

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Syrian refugees are pouring into Europe and the United States is poised to take at least 10,000 of them. Not to be outdone, Germany wants to take 800,000 refugees. What a compassionate gesture toward fellow human beings whose lives are disrupted by civil war and chaos in their home countries.

But how many of these “refugees” are fleeing to the West to make a better life for themselves and how many are soldiers of Islamic jihad, part of an advance wave of invasion?

Where are these refugees coming from? There are nine civil wars going on now in Islamic countries between Pakistan and Nigeria. Of the refugees arriving in Syria, and presumably here in the U.S., one-third are from Syria. 12 percent are from Afghanistan and another 12 percent from Eritrea. 5 percent each from Somalia and Nigeria. Are these countries friendly to us? We recently fought a war in Afghanistan and Somalia was the home of Black Hawk Down, where 18 U.S. special operations soldiers were killed.

Who are the refugees? While many are women and children, there are plenty of young men of military age? Look in the background of the many photos of the refugees, such as these in the New York Times. Why aren’t these young men fighting for their home countries rather than fleeing, as one New Zealand politician observed. Or do they have plans for a different kind of fight?

Why don’t neighboring Muslim countries welcome their religious brethren into their own countries? Wealthy Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, and Bahrain are taking a total of zero refugees. What do they know that Germany, the U.S., and other western countries don’t know?

The Saudis aren’t completely heartless though. They offered to build 200 mosques in Germany, one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend. So much for assimilation. China wants no part of the refugee influx either. They are happy for the U.S. to accept refugees but they don’t want a single one. Jihad for thee, but not for me, say the Saudis. And the Chinese.

Could some of the refugees be invaders? Don’t take my word for it, ask ISIS“ISIS has threatened to flood Europe with half a million migrants from Libya in a ‘psychological’ attack against the West.”

It’s not just masses of displaced persons, but potential terrorists. Ask the French“French police are hunting for an ISIS terrorist thought to be hiding among the thousands of British-bound migrants in Calais.” Or ask ISIS: “The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.” An ISIS operative claimed, “There are now more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen ‘ready’ across the European Union.”

On the 14th anniversary of 9/11, we still worry about weaponized airplanes, but there are far easier ways if bring terror to the West. Simply catch a ride with the hordes of refugees being welcomed with open arms.

Fear not, the Obama administration is on top of this. White House press secretary Josh Earnest reassured Americans. “The president would not allow any lessening in the intense background and medical checks that can take as much as two years to complete.” Really? Like the background and medical checks of migrants across our Southern border? All sorts of interesting contagious diseases flow across our Southern border. Not to mention criminals, like the one who shot Kate Steinle.

How many of these refugees have backgrounds to check? The U.S. intelligence agencies have a long reach, but does this include every young man in the Middle East and Africa? The well-known bad guys are likely staying home in ISIS headquarters. Instead the newly recruited soldiers are the ones blending into the mix of refugees. And where will the tens of thousands of refugees be kept for the two years of background checks? Let loose in sanctuary cities on their own recognizance?

They won’t be roaming McLean, VA or the Hamptons, where the sympathetic editorialists of the Washington Post and the New York Times reside. As Peggy Noonan observed, “Rules on immigration and refugees are made by safe people. These are the people who help run countries, who have nice homes in nice neighborhoods and are protected by their status.”

What are we watching? A humanitarian crisis or a full fledged invasion? ISIS plans on dominating Europe by 2020, creating a caliphate governed by Sharia law. Does Angela Merkel realize Germany will be taking 800,000 steps toward saying “Auf Wiedersehen” to German life and culture? And here in the U.S.? ISIS is already present in all 50 states according to the FBI Director. Soon the reinforcements will arrive. All under the watchful eye of President Obama, realizing his goal of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based retina surgeon and writer. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.