Allen West: Bernie Has ‘More Cojones Than GOP Elected Officials’

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In a Tuesday blog post, former Florida congressman Allen West said that Bernie Sanders’ Monday speech at Liberty University shows that he has “more cojones than GOP elected officials.”

West commended the “avowed socialist” for having the “intestinal fortitude to go before a Christian Conservative university and talk about socialist economic policies… while no liberal progressive university would open its arena to someone” preaching conservative values. (Bernie: America Was Founded On ‘Racist Principles. That’s A Fact.’ [VIDEO])

WEST: There were some 7-8 million evangelical Christians who didn’t even come out to vote in 2012. As a result, the progressive socialist left is so emboldened they’ll come right to the largest Christian university in the world.

It’s always telling how the liberal left invokes civil discourse, yet they don’t abide by the same rule …

So Bernie Sanders made Liberty University accept him, while no liberal progressive university would open its arena to someone like me. This is no different than Harry Reid changing the filibuster rule and Mitch McConnell coming in and changing it back — so the Democrats were able to block the Iranian deal.

Sometimes I just have to wonder if we REALLY want to fight back against these folks?

You can read the entire post over on West’s website.

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