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Devo Singer Has 9/11-Themed Wedding Because Everything Is Terrible

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Okay. Whatever.

David K. Li, Page Six:

Devo co-founder Jerry Casale tied the knot Friday and afterward celebrated with a tasteless 9/11-themed reception, complete with a Twin Towers wedding cake — featuring the bride’s and groom’s faces atop each cake tower — and boxcutter place settings, according to a report Monday…

Actual boxcutters, meanwhile, were passed out as party favors, according to the site…

“I got married on 9/11 by chance because it was the last Friday I could get married before my marriage-license application expired,” Casale explained.

When a problem comes along, you must whip it. In this case, that means making the worst of a bad situation. If 9/11 is the only day you can get married, why not make it really, really horrible?

Well, it’s not like anybody who’s still listening to Devo in 2015 is going to stop because they’re offended by 9/11 jokes. Not seeing a lot of overlap there.