Has Hillary Clinton Lost Women Voters? [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Julie Pace, Associated Press White House Correspondent, explained that Hillary’s drop in the polls is due to “questions about her honesty, her trustworthiness, her authenticity.”

Pace, appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Tuesday, responded to recent poll numbers where Hillary Clinton has dropped 29 points among white women in the last eight weeks. Pace suggested that the drop amongst women “really calls into question that whole strategy which is what her data operation is built around.”

According to Pace, Hillary Clinton’s strategy for winning is to “build on the coalition that President Obama put together” and, because she is struggling to do so, it will cause problems for the “Clinton campaign, not just in a primary but if they’re looking ahead to a general election.”

Pace further explained “that women are probably seeing the same thing that voters broadly are seeing with Hillary Clinton, which is questions about her honesty, her trustworthiness, her authenticity. You saw Bernie Sanders; he’s really trying to capitalize on that as well. So I think both women and men are having both those questions.”

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