Rand Paul To Broadcast ‘Real Conservative’ Ad During Debate

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul is not waiting for the debate Wednesday night to go after GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. The Kentucky Republican, who is farther behind in the polls than he when he first announced, will run an ad that describes him as the “real conservative” running for the White House.

The ad is already online but it will run tomorrow throughout the CNN Republican primary debate.

Sen Paul says in the ad, “I ran for office because no matter which party is in power, government and debt continue to grow. As President, I’ll make government smaller by cutting spending AND taxes. My flat tax eliminates the seventy-thousand page tax code AND the IRS.”

He concludes, “To take back America, I’ll fight for term limits for everybody. I’ll insist Congress read the bills before they vote. I’m Rand Paul and I approve this message because America needs a real conservative.”

Paul is known for calling New York business mogul Donald Trump a “fake conservative” numerous times this summer.

In one instance he said Trump is “for the bank bailouts, been for Democrats running government, think [Democrats] run the economy better, been for gun control before he was against gun control, been for a single payer system before he was against a single payer system, for Obamacare before he was against Obamacare.”

Trump has shrugged off Paul’s accusations saying the Kentucky senator is just attacking him because he is the front runner and Paul’s campaign is presently struggling.