Sheriff’s Organization Demands Facebook Remove Anti-Law Enforcement Pages

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The Major County Sheriffs’ Association (MCSA) demanded early Sunday evening that Amazon and Facebook remove promotion of anti-law enforcement merchandise.

The MCSA, an association of elected sheriffs from the nation’s largest counties, noted in a press release that there has been “an uptick in targeted killings and anti-police rhetoric over the past few months.”

“And it has come to the attention of the MCSA that Amazon and Facebook are not only promoting criminal behavior but are also profiting from it,” the association wrote.

Facebook Group 'F**K the Police'

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, a vice president of government affairs of MCSA, found out through Facebook over the weekend about T-shirts for sale on Amazon with “F**k the police” emblazoned on them.

According to Bouchard, by Monday, the T-shirt merchandise pages he referred to on Amazon were gone, but Facebook removed his post as well. Facebook does have a number of anti-law enforcement groups relating to the theme “f**k the police.”

“It is disgusting that Facebook continues to permit ‘fuck the police’ pages and groups for public consumption,” MCSA said.

They added, “Social media and online retail stores must stand up and stop promoting the dangerous anti-police rhetoric. In the past nine months, 86 officers have died in the line of duty. Eighty-six families will never see their husband, wife, sister, brother, mother, or father again. MCSA calls upon Facebook and Amazon to support the men and women who risk their lives every day for the safety of their communities.”