A Government Shutdown Is On The Way — Thanks To Democrats’ Abortion Obsession

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John-Henry Westen Co-Founder, LifeSiteNews.com
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In 14 days, the U.S. federal government’s budget will expire. And unless Democrats stop obstructing justice and the rule of law, the government will immediately shut down.

According to federal law, Congress must approve a government-wide budget by October 1. This budget will keep the military, the Department of Education, and other agencies funded for one year.

In a pattern that has become the norm for their party, however, Senate and House Democrats have decided that forcing taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood is more important than following the law. And their abortion obsession may result in a government shutdown.

Since July, increasing evidence has shown that Planned Parenthood affiliates and employees intentionally violate federal laws. America’s abortion giant has been found to be conducting illegal abortions in order to illegally harvest fetal organs — just two of the many atrocities found by undercover investigators over the years.

Republicans and a handful of Democrats have rightly called for an investigation into the charges. Additionally, GOP Senators and presidential candidates Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas, dozens of Representatives such as Diane Black of Tennessee and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, and pro-life leaders like Lila Rose and Jeanne Mancini are calling for a defunding amendment to the budget bill that will come before Congress this month.

These are reasonable steps to protect taxpayer dollars from being used for illegal activity — yet Democrats have rejected these options, choosing to shut down the government rather than compromising their abortion ideology.

And who are Democrats protecting? Planned Parenthood has not only conducted abortions that violate federal law; it has protected rapists and sex traffickers. Its employees regularly tell underage girls to lie about their ages to get abortions. And its “sex education” courses are geared towards encouraging young girls to engage in dangerous sexual activity, including BDSM.

The so-called “War on Women” dominated the 2012 presidential campaign. In 2015, it is Democrats are who are declaring a war — this time, on taxpayers, the rule of law, and most importantly, mothers and their unborn children.