Rand Paul Wastes Paper To Prove A Point [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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In the predebate run up Wednesday, Rand Paul went to a shooting range where he claimed to fill the tax code with lead.

However, Paul didn’t shoot the actual tax code. He shot eleven cases of brand new printer paper. Furthermore, he didn’t even shoot the correct number of pages. The current tax code is 74,608 pages and, by The Daily Caller’s calculations, he only shot 55,008 pages.

A standard case of paper contains ten reams of paper. Each ream of paper contains 500 sheets of paper. Including the eight sheets of paper that said “Tax Code,” Rand Paul sent perfectly good .223 bullets through 55,008 pages.

tax code

Rand Paul’s “IRS Tax Code”

Previous stunts Rand Paul has done with the US tax code include cutting it with a chain saw and sending it through a wood chipper. (RELATED: ‘Would You Burn, Chainsaw, or Woodchip the Tax Code?’ Rand Paul Wants To Know)

At the time of publication, the campaign did not respond to questions regarding the page count discrepancy.

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