Trump And Bush Spar Over Casinos In Florida

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Jeb Bush and Donald Trump sparred Wednesday night over the New York businessman’s past attempt to build casinos in Florida.

During the Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library in California, Bush, the former governor of Florida, recalled how Trump once tried to get him to change his views on gambling in Florida so he could build casinos. But Trump disputed Bush.

“Don’t make things up,” Trump responded.

“You wanted it and you didn’t get it because I was opposed to casino gambling before, during and after,” Bush said.

Trump replied: “I would have gotten it. I promise I would have gotten it.”

“No way,” Bush told him. “Believe me.”

During the debate, Bush’s campaign sent reporters a recent CNN story titled: “Jeb Bush: The man who killed Trump’s casino dreams.”

Bush also went on to attack Trump for his past donations to Hillary Clinton. “You got Hillary Clinton to go to your wedding,” he said. “Because you gave her money. Maybe it works for Hillary Clinton, it doesn’t work for anybody on this stage.”

Trump responded: “I was a businessman, I got along with Clinton, I got along with everybody. That was my job, to get along with people.”

Trump, who has repeatedly accused Bush of being low energy, then told the former governor: “More energy tonight. I like that.”

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