‘We Don’t Serve Police Officers:’ Texas Whataburger Refuses To Serve Two Cops

Casey Harper | Contributor

UPDATE: Whataburger has now “taken action” and the employee is no longer on the payroll.

“We don’t serve police officers.”

That’s what two Texas police officers at the fast food restaurant Whataburger said the store’s manager told them when they tried to make a late-night Whataburger visit Tuesday.

At first the officers thought he was joking, but when the employee didn’t say anything more, they left and went to a Dairy Queen.

A Whataburger media representative told The Daily Caller News Foundation the decision does not reflect their values, and they are working on a response.

One of the officers, Cameron Beckham, told Fox4now, “It really strikes a nerve personally and professionally because maybe he’s joking or maybe he’s not, but how do we trust that individual or that company to cook anyone’s food now?”

Michael Magovern, the other officer, works for the Strawn City Marshall’s Office and Beckham works for the Milford Police Department. They were working off-duty security for a nearby construction site and were in their uniforms at the time of the incident.

“It is upsetting,” Milford Police Chief Carlos Phoenix told TheDCNF. “It’s a shame that law enforcement officers have to put up with that because of what has happened by a few officers in the past and now reflecting it back on every officer.”

Phoenix told TheDCNF that the incident is part of a growing trend of resentment toward law enforcement.

“We run into it on a daily basis,” Phoenix told TheDCNF. “Police officer’s jobs are getting tougher and tougher dealing with the public. It is getting worse.”

Earlier this month, a Florida Arby’s made headlines when a police department claimed one of their officers was refused service.

The Arby’s fired the manager and suspended the employee. How Whataburger will respond remains to be seen.

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