Christie: Hillary Needs To Be Investigated, Prosecuted Over Classified Emails [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be “investigated, and ultimately prosecuted … regarding her handling of classified information” on a private email server. (Christie: Hillary ‘Cannot Tell The American People The Truth’)

Christie, appearing on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, argued that under a president Christie “we will enforce the law, whether it’s marijuana laws across the country or whether it’s this [private email server].”

Steve Doocy: You made it very clear, governor, that you think that there is some criminality involved in what was going on with her secret “homebrew” email server situation.

Chris Christie: Well, listen, I think there is real, real serious questions that need to be investigated and ultimately prosecuted, I think, regarding her handling of classified information. David Petraeus was prosecuted for it. Sandy Berger was prosecuted for it. Hillary Clinton is not above the law. But you know this, absolutely true. Steve. There’s a lawlessness to this administration. You don’t want to enforce the immigration law in cities, you’re going to have sanctuary cities across the country, the president will look the other way. I want to make it clear to the voters this morning: with a president Chris Christie, sanctuary cities will end at the beginning of this administration. And we will enforce the law, whether it’s marijuana laws across the country or whether it’s this. We’ll enforce the law. Hillary Clinton should be held to the same standard, and by the way, she should be transparent about it too and answer questions, which she is unwilling to do.


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