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#NotAllMuslims Attack People For Walking Past London Mosque

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Imagine the headlines if a Muslim fellow was beaten in the streets of a major city for walking past a church. Imagine the furor. Imagine the outrage.

Now put all that away, because this is completely different. Naomi Ackerman, London24:

Shocking footage posted to YouTube shows a mob ‘outside a Brick Lane mosque’ beating a man with a metal road sign and kicking another as he lies curled up, topless on the pavement…

One man wearing traditional Muslim dress can be seen grabbing someone wearing a hoodie and jeans, wrestling him to the ground and punching him repeatedly. He is then joined by another individual who beats the man on the floor with a large red-and-white road sign several times.

The cameraman then appears to move further down the road and film a second man lying topless by a crossing being hit and kicked by a group of men, with several others standing around watching.

Here’s the footage of these poor Muslims acting in self-defense:

Hey, if those blokes didn’t want to get beaten up in the streets of London, they shouldn’t have walked past a mosque.

I think we all know who the real victims are: Innocent Muslims who get dirty looks from people who’ve seen this footage. Nice job, racists.

(Hat tip: Maetenloch)