People Across The Country Are Painting Blue Lines On Street Curbs To Support Police

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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People across the country are spray-painting blue lines on street curbs due to a viral campaign to show support and appreciation for police officers.

Known as the The Safe Harbor Initiative, Anthony Welichko started the campaign in San Antonio, Texas, after recent high-profile attacks on police. He urged people on Facebook to go outside their doors at home, and spray a simple blue line on the side of the street curb to show the house or neighborhood support police.

“To all law enforcement who see this line, know that the residents of this home appreciate your service and dedication to keeping the peace. Know that when you enter the neighborhood and see these lines that you are not alone or without ‘back-up.’ We do not need the media to make our voices of support for our police and emergency services heard (though it would be nice). Lastly, if you are in my neighborhood and mean to harm a member of law enforcement, know that decision may be hazardous you [sic] health as someone has that officers [sic] back!,” Welichko wrote in the status.

Welichko created the campaign to remind people that the police put their lives at risk everyday to protect citizens. He told, that there is currently a war on police, and law enforcement needs to see support. (RELATED: Former Inmate Prays With The Officer Who Arrested Him Eight Years Ago, Asks God To Protect Police)

“Every single day they’re here protecting us. Our families. Our children. They absolutely deserve that respect, and they need to know we appreciate that,” Welichko told KENS5.

The post has since gone viral, garnering over 75,000 Facebook shares.

“This is not an organized movement requiring one to join, sign-up or reach out for permission. If you wish to show your support the same way I have then grab a can of paint and go for it,” Welichko wrote in a follow-up Facebook post.

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