Black Student Hangs ‘White Only’ And ‘Black Only’ Signs Near School Bathrooms And Water Fountains

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Ashley Powell, a black graduate student at the University at Buffalo admitted to hanging “White Only” and “Black Only” signs near bathrooms and drinking fountains as part of an “art project,” The Spectrum reports

Powell admitted to the ruse during a meeting at the black student union Wednesday, according to The Buffalo News. However many students were so disappointed that some left the meeting crying and one student slammed a door as he walked out. Many students denounced the signs on various social media platforms as “racist” and “an act of terrorism.”

Powell said she posted the signs as part of a class called “Instillation: Urban Space,” reports.

Powell said, “I apologize for hurting people, but I won’t apologize for what I did.” Her reasoning for the display was in an attempt to reflect on her personal experiences with racism.

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