Rove: ‘Feckless’ Obama Allowed Russia To Fill Vacuum In Middle East, Syria

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Republican strategist Karl Rove agreed with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that the Obama Administration has allowed Russia to fill “a vacuum that we left for them” in the Middle East, specifically Syria.

“Following the expulsion of the Soviet advisers from Egypt in 1973, Russia — the Soviet Union and then Russia — have been out of the Middle East,” Rove told Wallace. “And by the feckless foreign policy of this president, they’re back in.”

“1,492 days ago, President Obama said Assad must go.” If the administration had acted as Obama promised, Rove continued, “two things would be a reality today. ISIS would not be in control of a great swathe of Iraq and Syria, and Russia would not be re-emerging as an influence in the Middle East.”

Furthermore, Rove lamented Russia’s implementation of a surface-to-air defense system in Syria. “Last time I checked, ISIS does not have an air force. That is a clear and provocative gesture toward the United Sates saying, ‘we will determine what happens in Syria, not you.'”

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