Founder Of #ShoutYourAbortion Campaign Announced Her Abortion With A Coat Hanger, Pregnancy Test

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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One of the two feminist women who launched the viral Twitter campaign #ShoutYourAbortion admitted on her Facebook page that she was so excited to abort her baby, she announced it to everyone in a Seattle building using a coat hanger and a positive pregnancy test as props.

Amelia Bonow started the #ShoutYourAbortion crusade on Sept. 19, urging women who are proud of their abortions to share their stories on Twitter. But on Bonow’s Facebook page, the feminist went beyond just using a hashtag, and boasted that before she aborted her child last year, she announced her decision to everyone in The Laurelton, a historically liberal apartment building in Seattle.

The radical feminist marched to the building’s bulletin board, pinned her positive pregnancy test and then adorned it with an ominous coat hanger. She said that the coat hanger wasn’t used to scrape the baby out of her body, noting that because of organizations like Planned Parenthood, abortions are legal and safe.

“BTW that was me who thumbtacked a positive pregnancy test to the bulletin board in the foyer of The Laurelton last spring,” the Facebook post says. “I tacked it inside of a coat hanger, which thankfully had only been used to organize clothing.”

Bonow’s friend Andrew Lamb Schultz was “so into” the pregnancy-test-and-coat-hanger stunt that he commemorated it with a picture, according to Facebook. The picture, however, is on his old phone, and not on-hand for the public to see, Schultz told Bonow on the social media site.

#ShoutYourAbortion trended on Twitter on Monday, getting thousands of tweets from women who are proud of their abortions.

Bonow teamed with Lindy West to start the Twitter frenzy after the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood, according to Elle Magazine.

Bonow plans to capitalize on the campaign and announced on her Facebook page she will unveil a pro-abortion merchandise movement. She will be first in line ordering a shirt plastered with the words “Everybody Knows I Had an Abortion.” (RELATED: Trump Calls Planned Parenthood ‘An Abortion Factory)

“We gotta keep going hard like this until the world becomes a place where a woman can talk like I’m talking right now without their parents feeling scared that someone might fuck with me someday because of my voice #ShoutYourAbortion,‬” Bonow said in another Facebook post.

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