ANOTHER High School Football Player Gets Suspended For Assaulting A Referee [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Another high school football player has been suspended after video of him knocking a referee to the ground in the middle of a play surfaced on Wednesday. (RELATED: ‘I Did What I Was Told’: Football Players Assaulted Ref Give First Interview [VIDEO])


The play took place during the second quarter of last Friday’s game between Glencliff High School (TN) and Gallatin High School (TN). The player has been identified as Glencliff’s Malcolm Easley.

Kyle Gill, the referee in the video, gave his side of the story to The Gallatin News:

I had spoken to the player on the play before and he told me that I was in his way. I asked him how long he’d been playing football and he had to realize that the referees are part of the field. I told him that he should have to avoid me and not the other way around. On the very next play, you saw what happened.

Easley has been suspended for Glencliff’s game on Friday against Hunters Lane High School.

[h/t: WSMV]

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