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Obama Speaks Out For Religious Liberty, Which Is Pretty Funny

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Obama is meeting with Pope Francis today, which must be a huge thrill. For Pope Francis.

So, what’s the emissary of God talking about with the Pope? Take it away, VJ…

Or your florist shop, or your pizza place, or your craft store, or your Catholic university, or whatever else we want to meddle with for religious reasons.

Obama isn’t a Muslim. He isn’t a Christian, either. The only thing Obama worships is Obama. Whatever he says is true at the moment he’s saying it, with no regard for anything that comes before or after it, because he is his own infallible, all-knowing deity.

How can the Pope even compete? “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”? Nice try, dude, but your dumb rules don’t apply to King Barry. He is his own pope.