Huge High School Hockey Brawl Ends With Ref Getting Annihilated [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The video from a massive Michigan high school hockey brawl that happened last season involving players and the referees has finally surfaced, and it’s absolutely brutal.

During a game between St. Mary’s College (a Canadian school) and Sault High School, a ref attempted to get an SMC player out of a scrum. The player did not comply and the ref appears to strike him to get the player to stop struggling. Then all hell breaks loose.

SMC players rushed over and begin throwing haymakers at the ref as he’s down on the ice. As two SMC players are beating the ref, another two SMC players begin beating the Sault High goalie. Fights continued on the ice until coaches and parents rushed onto the ice to help calm things down.

According to Yahoo Sports police were sent to the arena to restore order and two SMC players were suspended.


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