NBC’s Chuck Todd Can’t Believe Hillary Is Down Double Digits In New Hampshire [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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“Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd could not believe how bad Hillary Clinton is doing in the polls in New Hampshire on Friday’s “Morning Joe.”

A recent WMUR/CNN poll shows Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton 46 percent to 30 percent in New Hampshire. Joe Biden has 14 percent. Clinton’s poll numbers are down 12 points since July. Even more strikingly, Clinton has fallen 26 percent to become tied with Bernie Sanders at 42 percent on who is most likely to win the state.

Joe Scarborough: What’s the feeling inside the Clinton camp? How low can this go, and what’s the plan to stem the bleeding?

Chuck Todd: I don’t know if they have a plan to stem the bleeding right now. I think part of it is to put her out there more. You know, I’ve got her on the show this Sunday. I think she’s doing a town hall with the “Today” show a week later. That seems to be part of their plan.

Scarborough: How bad do those numbers look to you, Chuck?

Todd: I saw them yesterday, and I said, ‘Double digits? She’s down double digits in New Hampshire?’ Can we take a minute here and realize Hillary Clinton is down double digits to Bernie Sanders? … I thought I was misreading it. I know he’s doing well in New Hampshire.

Scarborough: Sixteen points. Sixteen points.

Todd: That’s an astounding number. You take Biden out, and he’s still ahead. I mean, you combine Clinton and Biden, and Sanders is still ahead.

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