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Pro-Life Advocate: Planned Parenthood ‘Preys’ On Young Women [VIDEO]

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A young, acclaimed pro-life leader believes most women have been taken by surprise that baby body parts are harvested and sold after an abortion, according to the undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress.

The “callousness” of hearing “high ranking Planned Parenthood officials eating their salads, sipping wine, talking about crushing above, crushing below, less crunchy abortion methods affects them,” says Kristan Hawkins, 30, President of Students for Life. She is the mother of four children, and was travelling with her youngest when interviewed for this video.

Despite the controversial campaign by the pro-abortion advocates to “Shout Your Abortion,” Hawkins says in this video interview that “we know that no woman wants to have an abortion.”

“They’re making this decision because they feel they have no other choice,” she says. Then, these young women hear on these videos that Planned Parenthood “is going to alter the procedures so they can get more organs to sell them.”

When women see these videos, they realize Planned Parenthood was “preying on them the whole time.”

Students for Life hosted a “Women Betrayed” rally in Washington on September 10. They brought four women who felt betrayed by Planned Parenthood to meet with congressional leaders, begging them to deny this organization taxpayer subsidies. To Hawkins, it is clear that “women are being destroyed, betrayed and lied to and they are hurting.”

“No one talks. People are looking down in the waiting room” at these offices waiting for an abortion, she says. “Every single woman I have talked with who has gone to Planned Parenthood for an abortion experience says the same thing – it is awful in there, it’s depressing in there.”

Planned Parenthood is a wealthy organization that “has devised a good marketing scheme that begins in middle school,” Hawkins says. “They build a relationship, get them [young women] in the door and create a customer for life.”

The House Oversight committee plans to hear testimony from Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, on Tuesday.

Hawkins is one of many pro-life leaders who have called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood on the government spending bill this week. “Planned Parenthood is at their weakest they’ve ever been. If we are going to defund them, the time is now,” Hawkins says. Pro-abortion advocates promise to wear pink Tuesday, a color Planned Parenthood opponents have dubbed #BloodPink.

In a recent mailing, the pro-life advocate declared, “Quite frankly, it’s time for our leaders in the House and Senate to be LEADERS…to do something that requires courage and fortitude and stand up to our pro-infanticide, pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood President.”

The entrepreneur in Kristan Hawkins believes more conservatives should be engaged in cultural efforts to win over people’s hearts and minds. “We know that politics is downstream from the culture,” she says. To change the culture is to build relationships with lots of young people, one on one, which is Hawkins’s life’s passion.

Gallup polling bears out Hawkins’ contention that the culture is becoming more pro-life and she credits the work of many organizations, such as Students for Life, for that achievement.

Hawkins has won awards for her productivity and leadership. For more on Kristan Hawkins and Students for Life, see their website, their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @Students4LifeHQ.

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