O’Malley: ‘God Bless’ Hillary’s Heart For Finally Taking A Position On Keystone [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Martin O’Malley criticized Hillary Clinton Sunday for “following the polls” and finally taking a position against the building of the Keystone pipeline. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Finally Takes Position On Keystone)

In an interview with USA Today’s Susan Page on “Capitol Download,” O’Malley suggested the country was looking for “new leadership,” not “leaders who follow the polls, not leaders that wait until things are safe and tell us what we want to hear,” like Hillary Clinton.    

Susan Page: You also came out against the Keystone pipeline almost a year ago.

Martin O’Malley: Almost a year ago.

Page:  Hillary Clinton joined you this week.

O’Malley: God bless her heart.

Page:  What do you make of that?

O’Malley: What I make of that is there’s a big difference between leadership and following the polls. I was against the Keystone pipeline and came out against it, as you mentioned nearly a year ago. Secretary Clinton has only now come out against it after bobbing and weaving and giving nonanswers for most of this campaign. That’s not leadership. Same on the Syrian refugee crisis. When the international rescue committee asked the United States to step up and do its part and take 65,000 refugees, I came out immediately and urged the government to do so when it became obvious when we are not stepping up. Secretary Clinton took her sweet time in coming around to that, and I think that’s what turns people off about politics, frankly. I think that’s why the phrases I hear everywhere of “new leadership” and “getting things done” is what the people of our country are looking for. Not leaders who follow the polls, not leaders that wait until things are safe and tell us what we want to hear, but leaders with the guts and courage to step out, to speak the honest truth, and forge a new consensus to get things done.

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