Hillary Clinton Is CRUSHING IT With Donations At America’s Fancypants Ivy League Schools

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Almost 90 percent of all donations to 2016 presidential candidates from people affiliated with Ivy League colleges and universities have gone to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Professors, administrators and students at the America’s fancypants Ivy League schools have given $248,907 to Clinton as of September 24, reports Campus Reform.

The $248,907 represents 87.51 percent of all donations from people at the eight schools in the Ivy League athletic conference.

Another Democrat, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, is the second-place recipient of Ivy League cash. The self-proclaimed socialist has received $18,851 from denizens of Ivy League campuses. The amount is 6.63 percent of total donations.

Sanders is doing best at Dartmouth College, where he has received 56 percent of all donations.

Dartmouth is, of course, America’s most hopelessly fragile Ivy League school — recently notable because a single student shut down a frat party featuring a live band, virgin piña coladas, burritos and guacamole because she was offended. (RELATED: It’s Official: At Dartmouth, The Word ‘Fiesta’ Is Racist And White People Can’t Use It)

Though Sanders has received $230,056 less than Clinton at Ivy League schools, his $18,851 is still more than the total all (currently) 15 Republican candidates have received — combined.

Ivy League professors, bureaucrats and students have given cash to just four GOP candidates — Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio..

The total amount the lucky four Republican candidates have received is $13,339, according to Campus Reform.

Columbia University has been the best Ivy League source for Republicans donations. The primary reason is that two donors gave $5,400.

Not a single person at Dartmouth, Brown University or Princeton University has given a single red cent to a Republican, Campus Reform says.

Clinton has received the most Ivy League donations from Yale University, her law school alma mater. People at Yale have given the former first lady over $95,000 in political cash.

“From what I understand, Hillary’s values and Yale’s values are pretty similar in many ways,” Yale sophomore Eugenia Zhukovsky told the Yale Daily News last week.

As she ramped up her candidacy, Clinton jetted around the country visiting roughly one fundraising party each day to raise money for herself.

One fundraiser was hosted by Yale Law School professors Judith Resnik and Dennis Curtis.

Resnik and Curtis, a married couple, organized the party in New Haven, Conn. especially for Yale Law faculty members. (RELATED: LOADED Hillary Cash Bundlers: ‘We’re Regular People,’ ‘Not Hedge Fund People’)

According to data provided by Yale’s Office of Institutional Research, a typical full professor at Yale (department notwithstanding) brings home $198,383 per year. ( lists an essentially identical annual income figure for Yale profs: $198,306.)

A conservative estimate of Resnik’s and Curtis’s annual gross household income is $350,000.

A $350,000 yearly income places a married couple squarely in the top four percent of all Americans (and close to the top three percent).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median household income in New Haven County, Conn. is $61,996.

Thus, if Resnik and Curtis have a yearly income of $350,000, that means the two-Yale professor household enjoys a combined wage level that is about 570 percent of the average local family’s income.

In 2012, people in America’s education sector gave $65.1 million to presidential candidates, notes Campus Reform. About 75 percent went to Democrats. (RELATED: Teachers Union Survey Shows Teachers Union MASSIVELY FAILS Teachers)

The eight member institutions of the Ivy League are: Brown, Columbia, Cornell University, Dartmouth, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton and Yale. (RELATED: Ivy League Professor Praises White People Who Are ‘Ready To Commit Race Suicide’)

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