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Graphic Artist Depicts Dana Loesch Shooting Herself

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In 2015 America, we’re reminded over and over that hate speech doesn’t count as free speech. And that we’re not the ones who get to decide the difference. So I’ll withhold my opinion on the following.

A few weeks ago, radio and TV host Dana Loesch made this ad for the NRA:

And yesterday, she shared the following:

The guy who created the second video is named Tom Adelsbach, and here’s how he’s defending himself. First he tweeted it: TomAdelsbach Then he deleted it: no_tomadelsbach Then he insulted Loesch for not liking it:

And he claimed this was a depiction of an accidental shooting:

You can find more of Tom Adelsbach’s work here. His associates are already speaking out:

And Loesch isn’t laughing:

What do you think: hate speech or satire? Feel free to express your opinion, but keep in mind that it doesn’t matter unless you loathe Dana Loesch and everything she represents. That’s how the “hate speech” game works.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)