‘The Switch’ Makes Netflix Binge-Watching That Much Easier

Abby Deardorff Contributor
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Netflix unveiled a prototype technology this weekend called “The Switch” that takes binge-watching to a whole new level.

With the press of a single button, the Switch will turn Netflix on your TV, dim the lights, silence your phone and even order food. The idea is that by hooking it up to your Wi-Fi, you can program the button to enhance your viewing experience.

Engadget reported that it was first debuted this past weekend at the 2015 World Maker Faire in New York. While rumors have been circulating about when Netflix would release the Switch to the public, the device is not readily available for purchase, but can be built.

The hardware is able to silence your other devices by using its internet connection to activate your phone’s Do Not Disturb feature, but it currently only works with Android. Other highlights include the ability to preset it to call in your favorite delivery order to your location and connection to control lighting throughout your house. Netflix has marketed the button to be completely custom-made, featuring a “Make It” section on the website dedicated to changing its capabilities to fit your marathon watching needs.

Unfortunately, the Switch is going to be extremely difficult to build without an electrical engineering degree. Netflix released step-by-step instructions on their website, but it requires a lot of assembly which is a big caveat for eager viewers. Because development is still in the early stages, Netflix is asking users to share their ideas and hear what they want to see in future models. You can voice your opinion about alterations on the product’s website.