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Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards: Well, Okay, No, We Don’t Perform Mammograms


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I almost feel bad for abortion enthusiasts. They come up with a perfectly good talking point to deflect questions about killing babies and selling their organs for a profit, and Cecile Richards comes along and accidentally blurts out the truth instead.

The next time someone tells you that we need Planned Parenthood because, um, er, mammograms, just remind them about her Congressional testimony today:

Oh. Hey, remember all the times Cecile Richards claimed that without Planned Parenthood, women won’t have access to mammograms?

But of course, just because we have video of Richards making a false claim, and video of her now insisting she never made that false claim, it doesn’t mean the people who choose to believe her will stop believing her. As the Center for Medical Progress has proven, abortion enthusiasts and the media* will deny any video evidence they want to deny.

Cecile Richards makes $520,000 a year from Planned Parenthood. Infanticide is her business, and business is good.

*Pardon the redundancy.