The Future Is Here. You Can Now Shave Your Face With A Laser [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A Swedish start-up company created the most futuristic razor on the market: a laser razor.

Known as the Skarp Laser Razor, the revolutionary hair remover allegedly gives one of closest shaves available, all without taking a sharp blade to the face. The laser shears hairs at skin-level, without leaving irritating razor burn or accidental, bloody nicks. It requires no water or shaving cream to use, and will stay sharp and useable for 50,000 hours, according to the New York Post.

Made out of aluminum, the state-of-the-art razor operates by zeroing in on the particle of hair called chromophore, and shears it off with a specific light wavelength beamed by the laser, according to the Kickstarter webpage.

Inventor Morgan Gustavsson teamed with Paul Binun to create the laser after concocting the idea back in 2001. The pair launched a Kickstarter campaign on September 21 with a $160,000 goal, but the company has already raised a staggering $1.4 million. (RELATED: How To Display Proper Hygiene In Public)

The razor is currently in the prototype phase, but Skarp plans to release the laser razor to the public in March 2016, and is slated to cost customers anywhere between $159 to $189.