Would If She Could: Hot, Canadian Comedian Explains Why She’d Vote For Trump

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Nicole Arbour — the Canadian comedian behind last month’s viral video, “Dear Fat People” — told etalk’s Danielle Graham that if she could, she’d vote for Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. (RELATED: ‘Dear Fat People’ Offends Fat People, Fat Sympathizers [VIDEO])

“I look at something like an election in Canada [and] I’m going to vote for the guy that I think will be fun playing beer pong,” explained Arbour. “I want someone I can get white girl wasted with. And that’s why people like Donald Trump, even if he’s a little racist — okay a lot racist — a little ridiculous, there’s still something real about his ridiculousness. And I just think we all need a lot more of that — to relax.”

Arbour’s road to YouTube fame has been controversial, to say the least. In addition to “Dear Fat People,” Arbour has received plenty of flack for her followup video, “Abortion Is Wrong,” and she explained to Graham why she chooses to tackle controversial issues with comedy.

“Even though it might push some people’s buttons, for other people it’s more digestible that way,” said the 30-year-old Ontario native. “They like to watch the laughter, the nonsense, the satire of it, and then pull little messages from it.”

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