Here’s The Speech Obama Should Have Given At The UN

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Mr. Secretary General and fellow delegates: It’s time for honesty.

You claim to care about humanity, but U.N. peacekeepers have been involved in numerous large-scale abuses of children, making them into sex slaves. No wonder, since some of the peacekeepers are from your countries that condone men raping boys. Fortunately, some American soldiers in these countries found this practice immoral and tried to put  a stop to it.

The United Nations has some worthwhile programs, such as feeding the hungry. But we could use private agencies and avoid the politics of the U.N. bureaucracy and be more effective and avoid the waste and self-dealing in your programs. You do a poor job of helping worldwide refugees resettle, because instead you prioritize the corrupt thugs who oversee the third generation of seemingly permanent “Palestinian refugees.” You even have a separate refugee organization just for these permanent refugees who are refused resettlement by prosperous Arab countries, the same nations which today will not accept Muslim refugees from Syria. I call upon the U.N. to ask prosperous Gulf nations to accept their Muslim brothers and sisters who would have an easier transition there than in the West.

When it comes to promoting human liberty, the United Nations is a farce. Many of you in this room represent despotic regimes that are run by gangsters who steal from their own people. In some of the countries whose representatives here are quick to condemn the United States, Israel and other democracies, your rulers back home imprison and kill people who are political dissenters or homosexuals. For decades, the UN Human Rights Council has included nations which routinely violate … human rights. What a joke!

You are a bunch of hypocrites.

Indeed, the UN was founded on a lie. A permanent member of the powerful Security Council was the Soviet Union, a violent regime that murdered tens of millions of its own citizens until it disintegrated, largely in response to President Ronald Reagan’s confrontation. Had I been president in the 1980s, what Reagan called the “evil empire” would still be here. Reagan had the vision and determination that I lack. He never saw the Soviet Union as perpetual. He never sought to legitimize it. Talk to those who left the Soviet Union and they treasure the memories of Ronald Reagan. The people of Iran know that I sold them out.

Reagan had core values. I do not. He studied communism and its subjugation of people. He read Friedrich Hayek, the intellectual giant who explained collectivism, that is, the subordination of the individual to government:  the corporate state and fascism, socialism and communism. I am a socialist hostile to a vibrant free economy. I have more in common with most of you than with my countrymen. I have practiced the same zero-sum class warfare that you in the UN preach, so I feel at home here.

Reagan believed in American exceptionalism, I do not. Michael Oren, Israel’s former Ambassador to the United States, could not understand why I wanted to lead a country I do not especially admire or like. He was puzzled that I apologized for a nation that has unselfishly done so much for the world. Today, I am apologizing for me.

Actually, I have a lot to apologize for. But you’re going to hear from Mr. Putin later, so let me be brief. First, I cannot blame Putin for Syria. Just as I did not support the protestors in Iran, I would not support freedom fighters in Syria. And with hubris I stupidly drew a red line that Assad crossed with his use of chemical weapons, and then my bumbling Secretary of State John Kerry said we would do a “pin-prick” strike, so naturally Congress would not support military intervention to accomplish nothing, except save my pride. That’s the sort of meaningless action the UN would take. I am reminded that the UN withdrawal of peacekeepers from the Sinai in 1967 is one of the reasons for the 1967 Mideast War.

So, I left a void that Putin is filling, and now he and mass-murderer Assad, along with the Islamofascists who run Iran, are the leaders in the fight against ISIS which itself arose from a void I created in Iraq, when I ignored my top military advisers and withdrew all forces.  Then I ignored my intelligence briefings about ISIS and minimized its threat. Since I’ve abrogated U.S. leadership of the Free World and given the moral high ground to Putin, Assad and the Ayatollah, perhaps Donald Trump is right: let Assad’s military and ISIS kill each other off. Putin is giving advanced aircraft and defense systems to Assad, far more than he needs to confront ISIS.

Ben Carson, the renowned neurosurgeon who once stood up to me at a prayer breakfast, recently said, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of our nation.” No major figure in my country would  advocate that Americans elect a Muslim president, yet they condemn Mr. Carson. Our constitution has no religious test for office but we also support freedom of speech, even for a Republican like Mr. Carson. More Americans voted against Mr. Romney because he is a Mormon than against me because I am half-black. Religious and racial prejudice is wrong, but I would not have been elected except for my race, because a large black turnout voted overwhelmingly for me. Mr. Romney fell victim to religious prejudice. Whites voted for me because I was black, and they overlooked my inexperience and my association with anti-American bigots like Rev. Jeremiah Wright. All of you should know our founders embodied Judeo-Christian beliefs in our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. I have pretended otherwise. Contrary to my repeated assertions, Muslims had no significant role in our founding or in our nation’s history, but I am obsessed with promoting Islam.

Many Muslims are wonderful and patriotic citizens who have assimilated in the American tradition, and they are welcome in America and equal under the law. This is unlike many of your countries, where certain ethnic minorities and Christians and Jews are persecuted second-class citizens, or not citizens at all. And you would judge America!

But you need to understand that Mr. Carson speaks for many Americans, because the Islamists believe in a theocracy, and Sharia law is at odds with a pluralistic America. Vladimir Putin has it right when he says, “If minorities prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law… We will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination.’”

The U.S. had good intentions in Iraq, but that nation – like many of the countries represented by you here – was not democratic and not yet ready for democracy. Saddam Hussein was even more of a monster than some of ruthless men who rule over various U.N. member-nations. Thanks to the surge that I opposed, I inherited an Iraq moving toward stability, but I abandoned that nation. I apologize for the human misery I caused there and in Syria. The entire region is in disarray, in large part due to my policies and the incompetence of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Let me explain that I did not seek the constitutionally required U.S. Senate ratification of the agreement with Iran because I claimed it was not a treaty.  You’ll be happy to recall that I came first to the U.N. to do an end-run around the U.S. Congress. Take heart, I put you guys above the legislative branch of the U.S. government. The Democrats in my political party expediently supported what I did. It’s not what Democratic Presidents John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton did, they sought Senate approval. The flip side of the coin is this “Iran deal” ends with my tenure, and the U.S. is not bound to it.

The American people opposed this phony deal by more than 2-to-1. It will destabilize the Mideast, lead to a new Hezbollah war against Israel, and accelerate a conventional and nuclear arms race. Israel cannot risk annihilation, and when they act to survive, you no doubt will condemn Israel, as you always do. Your raising of the Palestinian flag does not enable a two-state solution, it disables it, because you do not support direct negotiations between the parties or insist on recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

I apologize to all of you for this Iran  deal – this travesty, and also for supporting extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and abandoning moderate Arabs. My mixed signals have emboldened the bad guys and confused the good guys. How ironic that Egyptian President Abdel el-Sisi challenges Muslims to condemn Islamist terrorists and I’m so politically correct that I cannot define the enemy.  What an embarrassment I am. How much I have hurt moderate, peaceful Muslims by undercutting them. Ben Carson may have more in common with Mr. el-Sisi, a Muslim, than with me, a self-identified Christian.

And I am deeply sorry for our stupid policy in overthrowing Moammar Gadhafi in Libya and the situation ending up worse. He was a bad guy, but misery resulted from what we did, and you were accomplices. And our government and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acted disgracefully in abandoning Ambassador Chris Stevens to his death. You as diplomats can especially appreciate that awful fate. To ignore security warnings and his requests for more protection was inexcusable; to not even try to rescue him was deplorable. But my administration, for the sake of my reelection, covered up this terrorist incident by claiming protestors were reacting to some anti-Islamist movie.

A couple of quick points. Cuba has been a cancer in the Western hemisphere. At a time when the reign of the Castro brothers is coming to an end, I decided to let the people of Cuba know that we stand not with them, but with their oppressors. This is, of course, the same message that I conveyed implicitly to the people of Iran when there were protests there. Unlike President Reagan who encouraged freedom lovers and dissenters, especially in the Soviet Union, I have stood with the oppressors. I telegraphed to the people of Iran that their regime is permanent.

Perhaps my successor will reverse my substantial cutbacks of U.S. air, navy and overall military power, and reverse our slashed budget for military research and development. Because without America power, the world will be left to the predators, and some of you ingrates whom we have helped before, you may fall by the wayside.

Most of all, I apologize to the American people for following in a bipartisan tradition of providing extraordinary funding for this organization, the United Nations, which has done nothing – condemnation, sanctions, whatever — to stop the Russians in Crimea or Ukraine, or the Chinese in the South China Sea, just as it didn’t stop the Soviets in Hungary in 1956 or Czechoslovakia in 1968, or so many dozens of other aggressions. Indeed, you were never enthused about sanctions against Iran, just as I was not. The Republicans in Congress pushed these sanctions that brought Iran to the table; but the member nations here who will benefit from sanctions removal, are happy to make money. It’s all about money.

The bulk of UN resolutions over the last half-century is obsessive condemnation of Israel, while UN money and facilities were used by PLO and Hamas terrorist to attack Israel. As long as the Palestinian schools teach Jew-hatred and genocide, UN funding and U.S. funding should be ended.

This is what the “United” means in United Nations. You are united against individual liberty, against a market economy, against real democracy, against pluralism, against a constitutional republic and against Western values. You are fighting centuries-old battles against colonialism. You would rather have a government run economy that hurts the poor than a market economy that helps the poor. Why do you think I was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize when I was elected? I did nothing to deserve it. But I fit the mold of what you want — someone in a time warp preoccupied with discredited Marxist mythology.