Megyn Kelly: Hillary Clinton Should Not Talk About Lenny Kravitz’s Penis

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Megyn Kelly criticized Hillary Clinton’s interview with Lena Dunham because she thinks its casual tone is “not really fitting for a presidential candidate.”

In an interview for Dunham’s feminist newsletter, Dunham asked Clinton if she had seen footage from an August concert when Lenny Kravitz’s leather pants ripped open at the crotch — completely exposing him.

“Did you see the footage where his pants split? His stuff fell out,” Dunham asked, laughing.

“Do you think I could get that on YouTube?” Clinton shot back. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton To Lena Dunham: ‘I’m Puzzled When Women Aren’t Feminists’)

Lena Dunham interviews Hillary Clinton

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

In an interview with Cosmo’s editor-in-chief, Kelly said she thought Clinton’s interview was inappropriate for someone who wants to be president. (RELATED: 200 Guests Drenched By Sprinklers At Hillary Clinton Fundraiser)

“I don’t necessarily think it serves her to sit down with Lena Dunham and talk about Lenny Kravitz’s, you know,” Kelly said.

“You’re still trying to convince people when you’re running, you should see me as your president,” Kelly said. “It’s a tough balance between being relatable and showing a softer side and still maintaining the dignity of the office that you seek.” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton: Kim Kardashian Is ‘Inspirational’)