Orlando Bar To Serve Free Beer During UCF Games

Neal Earley Contributor
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It’s been a rough season so far for the University of Central Florida football team.

With the Knights starting their season 0-4, a bar in Orlando, Florida has come up with a new marketing ploy to bring more patrons into the bar during the Knight’s winless season—offer free beer during UFC football games.

The bar in question, The Basement has seen low attendance in their sports bars as the Knights have stumbled out of the gate to begin the season.

“We hate to see the place like this,” said Jake Whitacre, the bar’s marketing director, in an interview with ESPN.

The bar is located in downtown Orlando and is a hotspot for UFC alumni, Whitacre said.

“We have taken great pride in the team and we very much consider ourselves a UCF bar, as we’re operated and staffed by graduates and even some current students,” he said.

Now The Basement will be serving classic American beers such as Coors Light and Yuengling during football games until the Knights win a game. While serving free beer may not be the traditional way to make money, owners of The Basement hope the patrons will come in spend money on premium alcohol and food.

Whitacre told ESPN that ownership will be opening up the nightclub above The Basement to accommodate an estimated crowd of over 200 patrons, when UCF plays Tulane Saturday.