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Vox Explains Why Hillary Clinton Is A Flip-Flopper On Gay Marriage

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Last week, German Lopez at the “explanatory journalism” site Vox.com helpfully explained that the Pope is — brace yourself! — Catholic. Somewhere, Jeff Bezos is kicking himself for refusing to throw money at Vox EIC Ezra Klein.

In the course of explaining the same thing again, but this time with the headline “Why Pope Francis’s meeting with Kim Davis isn’t surprising,” Lopez drops this truth bomb:

It’s hard to think of any other leader who would be called progressive while holding Francis’s views. Imagine if Hillary Clinton tomorrow came out and said gay people shouldn’t be allowed to be married, and that gay people should be celibate. Would anyone consider her progressive? Of course not. She would likely be labeled an anti-gay bigot.

Yes. Imagine if Hillary Clinton ever said anything like that. Go ahead, imagine it. Use your imagination. Form a picture in your mind of something you’ve never seen or experienced.

Anything is possible if you just believe!

In all fairness, when Hillary Clinton said this, German Lopez was in the fourth grade.

(Hat tip: Lachlan Markay)