Watch John Oliver DESTROY His Own Credibility Over The Migrant Crisis


Scott Greer Contributor
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Jon Stewart’s devout fanbase is still wondering if there will be an heir to the departed sage of white liberal opinion.

As expected, the appointed-heir Trevor Noah’s Monday “Daily Show” debut was less than spectacular.

Whether Noah can adequately continue TDS’s “war on bullshit” (aka filter the news with an obnoxious left-wing bias) is a question yet to be determined. However, there already is a man living up to Stewart’s smug, condescending, white guy liberal shtick. He’s just not on Comedy Central. (RELATED: Thanks For All The Bulls**t, Jon Stewart)

John Oliver, the host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” more than fulfills the role of white liberal sage every Sunday night on the premium cable channel. And he didn’t disappoint with his most recent episode that aimed to expose the “truth” about Europe’s refugee crisis.

Does Oliver bring up the staggering costs, the troubling number of fake refugees, the horrific crimes, the terror concerns of security experts, and the evictions of law-abiding citizens from their homes to make room for refugees? (RELATED: German Woman Forced Out Of Long-Time Residence To Make Room For Refugees)

Of course not. Oliver, instead, delivered the standard liberal line that ignored all those facts in favor of smarmy propaganda.

There are many distortions, oversights and half-truths crammed into this one 17-minute segment. Before going into some of the more egregious elements of Oliver’s rant, it’s essential to understand the perspective that is immediately taken of these migrants. In the comedian’s view, these refugees have an absolute right to illegally cross into Europe and apply for asylum — regardless of their reasons for coming to the continent.

He even mentions the fact that many of these so-called refugees are in fact economic migrants fleeing “economic stagnation” in their home country. If that’s a justifiable reason for gaining asylum, can America’s unemployed workers also earn admission into any European nation of their choosing?

But don’t worry about that quibble, as these migrants deserve Europe more than Europeans do.

What sets up Oliver’s segment that was tailor-made for liberal clickbait is the “nasty” rhetoric being used in reference to the migrants. The comedian, a British expat, lashes out at British Prime Minister David Cameron for calling migrants a “swarm of people.” His staffers found the one Fox News clip on the connection between the migrants and radical Islam that could be dismissed with a few select facts.

Worries about extremists in the midst and concerns about teeming “swarms” of illegal migrants coming into your land are laughed out as the bigoted rumblings of nincompoops. Hungary, which has been at the forefront of resisting the migrant surge, is portrayed as an entire nation of Eastern European rednecks that brutalize migrants violating the country’s sovereignty and dumping trash everywhere.

Oh, but the illegality of the migration and the waste being left behind by the migrants are never mentioned. Because, to reiterate, Oliver believes these supposed refugees have a natural right to go wherever they please.

That’s why the “Last Week Tonight” host gets so outraged that economically-beleaguered states that have no jobs for the migrants won’t immediately grant them sanctuary. Yes, countries trying to regulate illegal crossings in a manner that considers national interest is unacceptable to the TV personality and his howling audience.

Any concerns, whether they be economic or security-related, aren’t seriously addressed. Oliver incredulously states that the refugees will be a boom to the economies of Europe and it will only be a “small cost” to house them. If you believe Germany’s $11.6 billion tab for taking in 800,000 migrants is a “small cost,” then please inform us what constitutes an exorbitant cost.

As expected, that figure and other hard numbers are never mentioned, and viewers are led to believe the price for taking these poor souls in is negligible.

Additionally, Oliver reassures his viewers that there is no basis for worries that migrants will put unbearable pressure on social infrastructures — when experts say otherwise.

There’s also the expectation in Oliver’s argument that all of these immigrants will absolutely boost the local economies. How thousands of low-skilled migrants entering into countries with high unemployment rates and immigrant communities that depend on government assistance will boost any economy is beyond comprehension.

Also dismissed with a quick, unevidenced quip are the terror concerns. Oliver just says without citation that there is no concrete evidence for terror links. Reports say that there is a very strong possibility Islamic militants are lurking among the migrant masses. Several extremists have already made their way from Syria into Europe though legal means and brought terror to the continent. Many of the recent migrants will settle in communities where radical Islam is thriving. How an unregulated exodus consisting of hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men from the same war-torn region will not have a sizable number of bad guys is, once again, beyond comprehension.

So with all of these oversights, how does Oliver find justification for letting these migrants in with no questions asked? That’s because he spends most of his segment highlighting one handicapped refugee child that any country would grant asylum to. Ignored are the migrants who are attacking police, slitting the throats of IKEA shoppers and raping young girls. Also ignored is the fact that the overwhelming number of these migrants are young men, not handicapped children. (RELATED: ‘Culture Of Rape’ Taking Hold In Refugee Camps)

The main problem with this report comes down to its “virality.” Every left-leaning site shared the video as an example of Oliver “owning” Fox News. Many Americans without a thorough knowledge of the subject are going to watch it and nod along without questioning its conclusions. It’s the perfect piece of propaganda.

All of these comedy shows purport to cut through the bullshit and give the American people the news without the spin. Instead, they present the news with more of a left-wing spin than MSNBC.

Thanks to his strong comedic talent and masterful way of phrasing issues, Oliver is a very skilled propagandist for the views of affluent, white liberals.

Just like his mentor, Jon Stewart.

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