Carson: Muslim Federal Judge Nominees Need To Be Questioned About Their Faith [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Ben Carson suggested Muslim nominees to federal courts need “accept the principles and values of America and our constitution” in an interview Thursday with Hugh Hewitt(RELATED: Carson: Islam Is Not Consistent With The Constitution)

Hewitt asked Carson how a Muslim would be asked about their faith, given Article VI protections against religious tests, Carson responded, “I would spend a good deal of time looking at their background and seeing if it is consistent with the kinds of standards that we expect from such a position, I would take that into account much more than what they had to say.”

Carson indicated that, in previous appointments to federal benches, “With some of the selections, we listen to what they say and not what they have done.” Carson emphasized looking at an appointee’s judicial record because “that can tell you a great deal, without specifically asking the religious question.”

Carson said his problem is with Sharia law, claiming, “Islam, which incorporates Sharia is a lifestyle. If they clearly have rejected that, will do that publicly and their life has manifested that, then there’s no inconsistency whatsoever” with American values?

Hewitt later asked Carson who he would distinguish between radical and mainstream Muslims, Carson said he would use “common sense.”


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