David Axelrod: Bernie Sanders Had ‘Stunning’ Third Quarter Financials [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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David Axelrod had high praise for the financial state of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, calling the returns “stunning” during an interview Thursday on “New Day.” (RELATED: Sanders Campaign Hits 1 Million Contributions Faster Than Obama In ’08, ’12)

In the third quarter of 2015, Hillary Clinton’s campaign brought in $28 million and Bernie Sanders brought in $25 million. In comparison to the second quarter, Clinton’s numbers have gone down over $19 million while Sanders’ contributions have gone up about $10 million.

Axelrod suggested, “Bernie Sanders will have almost as much money in the bank as” Clinton does. “That’s big because it means that he can compete head to head, not just in Iowa and New Hampshire, but he can compete in the subsequent states including March 1st when you have a Super Tuesday where many states are being contested and you’ll need resources to compete.”

Axelrod also said the type of contributions Sanders has received are of greater quality than Clinton’s.

“Hillary Clinton has raised it largely with large contributions,” he said. “She’s had many events over the summer to try to get to that number. Maxed out contributors, $2700 contributors. Bernie Sanders is doing his almost entirely with small contributions.”

Axelrod explained that hundreds of thousands of Sanders’ contributors are “likely to contribute again in the future” which will give him the “resources to compete for a good long time in this race.”

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