FBI Is Investigating The Security Of Hillary’s Email Server

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed Thursday that the agency is investigating the security of former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

James Comey confirmed the inquiry to reporters and said that he is confident that “we have the resources and personnel assigned to this matter” to complete a thorough investigation, the Associated Press reported.

The FBI is already investigating whether classified material was improperly handled on the server, which Clinton housed in her Chappaqua, N.Y. residence while she was at the State Department. She moved the hardware to a New Jersey data center in June 2013 after hiring Denver-based IT company, Platte River Networks.

The FBI took control of the server last month after the Intelligence Community inspector general found that at least two emails containing “top secret” information had traversed the device. Though Clinton has said that her server had been cleared of all of its contents, FBI investigators have reportedly recovered some data.

Comey’s confirmation of a new angle to the investigation comes a day after it was revealed that hackers with ties to Russia attempted to infiltrate Clinton’s personal email address. (RELATED: Emails Show Hackers With Ties To Russia Tried To Infiltrate Hillary’s Email Account)

Clinton emails released by the State Department on Wednesday showed that the hackers sent five emails early on the morning of Aug. 3, 2011 which contained a Trojan horse virus.

The emails were disguised as speeding tickets issued by New York City. They contained a file which included the malicious software. It is unclear if Clinton clicked on the file. Her campaign has downplayed the finding, calling the emails mere “spam.”

While the phishing attempt does not appear to have been particularly sophisticated, computer security professionals have say that the fact that the nefarious emails did make their way to Clinton’s email inbox is cause for concern. Clinton has said that there is no evidence that her email account or server were hacked. She has not gone all the way in saying that she is certain they were not infiltrated.

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