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Obama’s Impassioned Mass-Murder Speech Missed The Real Problem

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Alan Korwin, Author Gun Laws of America

The President’s impassioned Oregon speech, moving as it was, missed a key point that could lead to real progress on this terrible issue of mass murder.

The 16 Black Americans shot and murdered in ghettos that same day, and the day before, tragically got no news coverage. This is stunning, unmentioned — and those lives matter.

That black-lives gunfire atrocity is repeated, daily. And will remain true tomorrow when another 16 are murdered, but get no “coverage” — 6,000 per year.

The “Graph of Death” Mr. Obama asked for is already available here: Click here to see graph (with gut-wrenching explanation).

By focusing on an isolated “newsworthy” tragedy in one place, Mr. Obama unknowingly obscures the real issue, and does indeed politicize it — as he forthrightly admitted.

Note: Every action of this Oregon murderer is already 100% illegal — legal scholars know the call for new laws is superfluous and disingenuous. It is a political agenda that weakens support and the true effort to solve the problem.

The President made a repeated and critical mistake: New laws affecting all Americans will not affect the lone psychotics who commit these atrocities — The medical community stands as the greatest obstacle in getting to the psychotics.

And the biggest ignored issue of all is: The existing background checks have stopped two million people from buying guns because they are known criminals or mentally unfit — and they are simply turned loose on the streets.

We have their names and addresses — and our government just sets them free, right after they try to buy guns. But note this: It’s not completely clear that all two million people are actually guilty of anything, since their rights are denied but they are not brought to trial, indicted, convicted of anything, confronted by their accusers or even notified of what they are charged with, but these are separate issues. Certainly, seeking another background check system as the President requests, at great expense, before doing something with the background check we already have working, is a poor allocation of scarce funds and limited police resources. The news media should be aware of these things and bring these points out. (Bloomfield Press has white papers and experts available that address these topics.)

Mr. President, do something about that if you’re really serious.

Don’t try to pass something else, that you know and admit Congress and the public will resist. Act now.

If you want more common-sense solutions, call me.


Alan Korwin is the author of 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has been invited twice to observe oral argument in gun cases at the U.S. Supreme Court. Reach him at, where he is the publisher of Bloomfield Press.