Oregon Community College Shooter Purchased All Guns Legally [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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The Umpqua Community College shooter owned 13 guns and brought body armor to the school, ATF Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Seattle field division Celinez Nunez revealed in a news conference Friday.

Nunez explained the ATF recovered 13 weapons in his possession. Six weapons were recovered at school, with the remaining seven located at the his residence.

Nunez said that all the weapons were purchased legally, and the ATF is in the process of tracing them to the different federal firearms dealers where the shooter purchased the guns.

The shooter did at one point own an additional weapon, Nunez explained, but it was traded back to a gun store for one of the firearms the shooter used at the school.

Nunez indicated eight weapons were traced to “first trace purchasers.” Nunez later explained seven firearms were purchased by the shooter or a family member of the shooter within the last three years.

Near the rifle recovered at the school, a flack jacket that had steel plates was also found along with five additional magazines.

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