Watch Awesome, Newly Released Footage Of Atom Bomb Exploding Back In 1955 [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor

A company restored never-before-seen footage of a 1955 atomic bomb test — and the results are incredible.

Atom Central does historical restoration on videos previously believed to be eternally grainy and of poor quality. But the company got its hands on four copies of atom bombs going off in the Nevada desert back in 1955, restored them and put clips on YouTube Wednesday for America’s viewing pleasure.

(YouTube screen shot/atomcentral)

The videos are from the historic Operation Teapot testing of 1955, when America’s leading scientists and military personnel went out to the Nevada desert and dropped a series of 14 test bombs. (RELATED: Video Shows Massive Explosion At Yemen Missile Base)

(YouTube screen shot/atomcentral)

There were a litany of testing operations from the 1950s to 1960s where American leaders documented the results and took notes on how to improve one of the world’s most deadly weapons. But before today, the public had not seen these particular videos and they most certainly never saw them in high definition.

(YouTube screen shot/atomcentral)

Atom Central is owned by video company called VCE Films, and according to Tech Times, the film firm — in concert with Atom Central — was able to take the previously ultra-grainy, half-centry-old footage and cleaned it up until it reached HD quality.

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