Tulane Long Snapper Becomes First Blind Person To Play In Major College Football Game [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Tulane long-snapper Aaron Golub became the first legally blind person to play in a Division I football during a 45-31 victory over the University of Central Florida.

Golub’s action came when he snapped the ball on the final extra point attempt of the game, according to ESPN. Golub said that he was happy he got a chance to play and that, “Mentally I was ready. I’ve prepared for it.”

Tulane’s head coach Curtis Johnson did not notify UCF that he had any intentions of playing Golub, and Golub liked that decision saying, “I don’t think of it like that. I don’t consider my vision being an issue. I’m happy to go out there and do anything. I wouldn’t have wanted them to know.” (RELATED: Dumb College Football Player Makes Embarrassing Mistake On Social Media DURING Halftime)


Johnson made it clear that playing Golub wasn’t an act of charity but in response to Golub earning it, adding, “He just works as hard as he can … and you reward that hard work.”

Johnson plans to keep rewarding Golub’s hard work, indicating that he will try to play him when possible.

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