Fox Guest Blasts Obama’s Gun Control Whining: When Dems Had Majority, They Chose To Do Obamacare

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, criticized President Obama while discussing gun control on “Fox News Sunday.”

Domenech said that Obama’s claim that “the intransigence of the Republicans and the gun lobby” is the only thing preventing increased gun regulation from passing really isn’t true, noting that when Obama and Democrats held a congressional majority, they “chose instead to go after health care.” (VIDEO: Obama Claims GOP, NRA ‘Don’t Represent The Majority Of Americans)

DOMENECH: If you actually think through this process, and you assume for the sake of argument that he’s correct. That his policies are popular, they’re common sense, they’re constitutional, and that the only thing that’s preventing them from going through is the intransigence of the Republicans and the gun lobby or some other effect — there’s actually a problem with that.

Because when this president came to office, he had the House. He had the Senate. He had his own party there. He could have had any gun legislation that he wanted at that point that he was willing to push through. And so when it actually comes time to assess what sort of gun policy we have in this country, the president needs to look in the mirror. He’s making this about him, but it really is about him. He chose instead to go after health care — to pass Obamacare — to use his political capitol in different ways. And so now, when he complains about this, the fact is, it was a Democratic Senate after Newtown that killed his approach to gun legislation.

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